Turnkey Asset Package

The Turnkey Asset Package consist of Printed Map Package, Printed Marketing Package, Printed Back Office and The Digital Package all of these packages provide you with the necessary tools at your disposal to help grow your map licence.

A Turnkey Asset Package: We have already established the tools necessary to build your business. Our Product is a customized printed map that hotels love to share with their guests. Our Process includes steps for prospecting, presenting and closing sales. We have already designed printed marketing materials including a customized brochure and advertiser agreements. In the digital component of our program, we include a custom website (sample: www.KatyWelcomesYou.com), QR codes to take smartphones directly to information pages designed for smartphones with Google+ links and Facebook pages (sample: Front Desk USA of Beaumont) that help build relationships with both hotels and advertisers. People are our publishers. They are entrepreneurs who enjoy working in communities and like to promote the area to the visitors to that area. Learn more here.

Complete Control of Their Income: Call or email us for a complete explanation of how publishers build a strong business that is scalable based on income needs. We have spreadsheets that explain all of the costs and potential revenue of a printed map project. We have full and part-time opportunities available.

Complete Control of Their Time: Publishers get to work when they want to work. Each project requires a certain amount of time for development and then renewal. This time is flexible and can adjust to a busy lifestyle. Working from home is more of a Perk than a benefit. A simple home office offers all kinds of flexibility in how and when you get work done.


The Printed Map Package

The sample map below has 18 ad spaces front and back. Some maps are formatted on legal size paper. This adds another 10 ad spaces and percentage to the printing costs. It is printed in full color on 60lb paper. It is distributed to local hotels (listed below each map on the website). Maps are padded in 100s with a cardboard backing. Optional black stands (with rubber feet) accommodate the padded maps allowing them to sit up and holding it secure.


Each map has detailed information about the area the map is focused on. The map on the back can be a regional map with directions to close by area towns, metropolitan (greater) map, super focused map of a downtown shopping area or even an important sports schedule. On the website the two sides of the map are separated by the Eat, Sleep, Shop, Play banner. this links directly to a mobile site that contains all the information about the advertisers on the map. Guests of the hotel can scan the QR code on the map’s masthead.


Click this Banner for detailed information about our sponsors!


The Printed Marketing Package


Each map territory can be represented by a tri-fold brochure. The brochure has the listing of the hotels where the map is displayed. It also explains all the features of the map, the deadlines and dates for printing the map as well as how the QR code links mobile visitors (guests) to the advertisers place of business.


A sign version of the promotion of the mobile site is available to help smartphone using guests the ability to quickly connect with Front Desk USA’s list of advertisers categorized by the type of business they have. This sign has the landing page graphic along with the QR code explanation of how it works. It is printed on letter size paper and can be laminated and a cardboard folding stand ( 7 inch) is attached to the back.


Another piece of printed material is a backer that can be used to in conjunction with a plastic stand. It is designed to promote tearing off the Free Area Map. It is printed on letter size paper and laminated and the attached to a stand using clear packing tape.


The next piece of printed material promotes the Facebook page that corresponds with the map territory. This is printed on standard letter size paper and cut into three identical flyers. These flyers can be used when delivering the map to the hotels.


The Printed Back Office Package

The back office package includes a Master Map that tracks ad placement, an advertiser agreement, customized proof pages and sample excel spreadsheets for tracking hotel distribution.

 Back page has at least three standard ad size content.


The proof page is a perfect example of how an advertiser’s ad will look on the map.


Advertiser Agreement is customized for your business.


Information about tracking distribution to the hotels helps maintain consistency with printing.


The Digital Package

The digital package starts off with the one website all the publishers share. Each map is listed on the map by State. Each one of the areas has a direct URL that connects directly to the area’s page. Here is a sample of how this individual area can be promoted. www.DeluthWelcomesYou.com.

Each area can have a locally based Facebook page. This allows for the publisher to build relationships with the businesses that advertise on the map. As advertisers post up-dates on their Facebook pages the publisher can like and share their post on the local Facebook page: Here is an example of how it works: www.facebook.com/FrontDeskUSAHouston. Giveaways and contests are a way to build likes on the local Facebook page.  

The QR code connects directly to the mobile website after a smartphone scans it. On social media a banner sign is displayed when promoting up-dates or changes to the overall marketing of the map territory.

Here is a sample of the digital package without the printed map. BakersfieldWelcomesYou.com


That’s it. A well rounded PRODUCT loved by the people who use it.

A PROCESS  that makes it profitable for the PEOPLE to produce it.