Brand Ambassador Opportunities at Front Desk USA

Front Desk USA is a full color, customized map publication distributed to hotels, visitor centers, etc. free of charge. With over 1,000 hotels currently using Front Desk USA maps and tens of thousands being viewed by hotel guests each day, Front Desk USA is the, “go-to” mobile visitor information guide for hotels. The maps and guides are designed to assist hotel guests with questions they may have about the area around the hotel. Our maps are custom drawn to be specific to a geographic area. This means an advertiser can reach a specific number of hotel guests in their area. Front Desk USA maps focus on categories that are most important to hotel guests such as where to Eat, where to Shop and where to Play. Brand Ambassadors (BAs) can monitor hotels and visitor activity to promote Restaurants, Hotels, Malls and events. Hotels can order additional maps anytime at no charge.

Front Desk USA Brand Ambassador duties include: Area Distribution Management, Branded Content Editing. Front Desk USA BAs are entrepreneurs that understand having a clear path to success is much more fun than with no plan at all. Front Desk USA lays out a program that includes a highly demanded product (printed maps and mobile visitor guides) backed up with custom marketing materials and strategies. We know entrepreneurs demand control over their lifestyle and financial status, and we structure a work from home program that is customized to their needs.

Responsibilities: Paid Position

  • Manage a short term marketing campaign that involves visits to area businesses.
  • Delivery of marketing materials to area businesses.
  • Collection of information

Optional Responsibilities: Commission Sales

  • Manage sales across a wide list of key clients as well as generate new business from existing customers and prospective clients
  • Build and maintain strong relationships with clients and local networking groups including CVBs and Chambers
  • Help advertisers build and execute effective campaigns, measure results, and renew/up-sell to drive revenue growth
  • Interface directly with advertisers’ marketers, brand managers, and social media teams
  • Define and share best practices for branded content creation


  • Financial responsibilities for both the acquisition and execution of running a marketing project with multiple advertisers.
  • On line and in-person marketing advertising sales experience along with networking skills make this program successful.
  • Comfortable interfacing directly with the hospitality industry in a professional and productive manner
  • Must have 1- 3 years experience using social media

Brand Ambassadors never pay anything – ever.

Attention Marketing professionals:  Our Brand Ambassador (BA) Program – is a marketing collaboration program between our brand (Front Desk USA) and your brand. This would be an exclusive agreement. We will provide marketing materials (map/flier) branded with your logo and a display ad link on each site(s) that you choose. It is best for the marketing materials to be distributed locally, by the BA. This creates an opportunity to market your brand to each location and leave additional information. Most hotels like having the maps for their guests because it helps them with questions about the area.

Attention I-TEX members: Front Desk USA offers a unique opportunity to sell advertising using I-TEX dollars with other I-TEX members. Front Desk USA’s primary paid advertisers are restaurants and the primary distribution outlets are hotels. Hotel guests are very curious about the surrounding local area. Local restaurants are tops on the list. Other categories like shopping, amusements and entertainment are also very popular. A Front Desk USA license can blend in with any type of marketing program.
We have experience with building several successful map projects using I-TEX dollars. Our licensing fee is reasonable and we take care of all the aspects of building the map and the sponsor’s advertisements. Front Desk USA advertising program can add value to your fellow members business. Call us to learn more.

Attention Coffee News publishers: Front Desk USA offers a unique opportunity to sell advertising to your restaurant partners. Front Desk USA’s primary paid advertisers are restaurants. Front Desk USA’s primary distribution outlets are hotels, not normally a distribution point for Coffee News. Hotel guests are often not a good audience for local advertising. Hotel guests are mostly primarily concerned about local restaurants. That’s not to say that some Coffee News advertisers would not like to reach the local hotel guest. Other categories that would also like to be in front of the local hotel guest include:  Shopping Destinations, Specialty Gift Stores, Antique Malls, Resale Shops, Car/Limousine Rental, Local Sports Teams, Museums of all types, Historical Parks, Amusement/Water Parks and Fun Centers, Golf Courses, Spa Facilities (full service), Chiropractic Office, Emergency 24 Hospital, plus many more. As a Front Desk USA BA can dovetail nicely with your Coffee News franchise.

12 Plus years as a Coffee News publisher

Because we have several Coffee News publishers (including us) who are also Front Desk USA publishers, we understand how juggling another advertising product can be tricky. We’ve coached Coffee News publishers on how to be successful producing two publishing products. Coffee News is a completely different kind of publishing opportunity. It would take three Front Desk USA maps to equal the yearly income of one Coffee News edition. However, it would only take a fourth of the time to produce the three maps. Nevertheless, one of our requirements is that Front Desk USA not interfere with your Coffee News business. If you follow our process it won’t. Coffee News® is a registered trademark of Coffee News in Bangor, Maine


Alabama  Birmingham, Montgomery, Mobile, Tuscaloosa,  California  Bakersfield,   Florida Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, Tampa,  Georgia Atlanta, Augusta,  Kentucky Louisville, Lexington  Louisiana Ascension, Lafayette, Metairie, New Orleans,  Indiana Indianapolis, Fort Wayne,  Maine Bangor, Portland,  Missouri Kansas-City, Mississippi Tupelo, Vicksburg, North Carolina Charlotte, Raleigh,  South Carolina Columbia, Charleston, Florence, Lexington,  Mt. Pleasant, West Ashley,  Tennessee Chattanooga, Memphis, Murfreesboro, Nashville,  Texas Beaumont, Corpus Christi, Conroe, Dallas, Katy, Kingwood, Killeen, Houston (six maps), San Antonio (two maps), Sugar Land, Rosenburg/Richmond, Temple, Waco, Virginia Blacksburg, Richmond, Roanoke, Wytheville

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