We trust our team of publishers to create the products and services that help millions of guests who use our maps to have a more enjoyable stay in the community they are visiting. We take a lot of pride in offering the best possible product to our hotel partners. And working with the area’s best businesses is a lot fun. Our brands offer significant income potential to publishers because our advertisers see significant return on their exposure to hotels guests looking for their products and services. We’re looking for more like-minded entrepreneurs who want to join us. You can learn more about our Product, Process and People here.

Benefits our hotels enjoy:

Hotels have at their fingertips all of the information they might need to guide their guests. Our maps can answer almost any question a guest might ask the hotel staff about the area around them. Many of our maps cover large metropolitan areas, and our maps assist guests with making their way to airports, etc. The maps pinpoint selected area restaurants (EAT) that are family-friendly fun and which have the best tasting food in the area of course. The maps also include shopping areas (SHOP) and pinpoint pharmacies and hospitals, etc. Area attractions (PLAY) are also listed and pinpointed, like museums, golf courses and parks and amusement venues. You can see all of the mobile guides at:

Benefits our advertisers enjoy:

With over 1,000 hotels currently using Front Desk USA maps and tens of thousands being viewed by hotel guests each day, Front Desk USA is the, “go-to” visitor information guide for hotels. The maps are designed to assist hotel guests with questions they may have about the area around the hotel. Our maps are custom drawn to be specific to a geographic area. This means an advertiser can reach a specific number of hotel guests in their area. Front Desk USA maps focus on categories that are most important to hotel guests such as where to EAT, where to SHOP and where to PLAY. Publishers monitor hotels to ensure adequate inventory at all times. Hotels can order additional maps anytime at no charge.

Benefits our publishers enjoy:

A Turnkey Asset Package: We have already established the tools necessary to build your business. Our Product is a customized printed map that hotels love to share with their guests. Our Process includes steps for prospecting, presenting and closing sales. We have already designed printed marketing materials including a customized brochure and advertiser agreements. In the digital component of our program, we include a custom website (sample:, QR codes to take smartphones directly to information pages designed for smartphones with Google+ links and Facebook pages (sample: Front Desk USA of Beaumont) that help build relationships with both hotels and advertisers. People are our publishers. They are entrepreneurs who enjoy working in communities and  like to promote the area to the visitors to that area. Learn more here.

Complete Control of Their Income: Call or email us for a complete explanation of how publishers build a strong business that is scalable based on income needs. We have spreadsheets that explain all of the costs and potential revenue of a printed map project. We have full and part-time opportunities available.

Complete Control of Their Time: Publishers get to work when they want to work. Each project requires a certain amount of time for development and then renewal. This time is flexible and can adjust to a busy lifestyle. Working from home is more of a Perk than a benefit. A simple home office offers all kinds of flexibility in how and when you get work done.

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