Tips to Make Sure Your Pets Are Looked After

While You Travel This Summer

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Summertime should be a time to travel and take a happy break to visit loved ones. Yet, for pet owners, there is always the worry of finding good, inexpensive pet care. However, as Front Desk USA points out, that need not be the case.

Book in Advance

 Plan early, as this can allow you to prepare some detailed care instructions. Homefront Veterinary notes that leaving care arrangements to the last minute can also drastically limit your options. It happens with flights, and it is liable to happen with any form of care. By doing your research early, you can also vet the choices on offer. Should you choose a pet sitter, you might ask them a variety of questions and get to know them. Advanced planning can save you a lot of stress and let you better focus on traveling knowing that your pet is receiving the best possible care.


 This can be the safest option if your pet has a medical condition or simply if you feel they will be the most secure under the supervision that kennels can provide. When visiting, have a checklist on hand that you can go through. Does the place look and feel clean? Are the staff attentive and loving towards their charges? Security is paramount, and you want to feel that your pet won’t be in any danger of getting sick or hurt by other animals. Additionally, make sure you know exactly what you will be charged and if there will be any extras.

Staying with Others

 Do you have a relative, friend, or even a colleague willing to take up your fur companion? If so, The Barefoot Nomad suggests this could be the most cost-effective choice. Of course, this can be a big investment, and it may only be suitable if you are not going away for any length of time. Just as you would for kenneling or pet sitting, make sure your furry friend has comfort items and a toy that can dispense your scent. These can be remarkably calming tools to minimize stress while you are away.

Dog and Cat Sitters

 If you are worried that the upheaval of boarding in a strange environment might be too stressful, you could look online for a cat sitter in your area. They can provide your furball with ample attention and keep up any routines they have. Letting them stay at home takes away one big stressor, as it is where they feel safest and happiest.

You’ll want to make any needed house repairs to keep your kitty safe while you’re gone. For example, if you have windows with broken latches that don’t lock or busted door screens, you should have them repaired to keep your cat from escaping if she gets stressed. Finding a pro to handle these repairs is as easy as Googling ‘handyman service’ and reading up on customer reviews and then choosing who to do the job.

You may even be able to get a cat sitter free of charge, as some look to receive accommodation in favor of payment. To make life a little easier for the pet sitter who’s looking after your favorite feline, invest in a top-of-the-line automatic pet feeder — including ones you can control with an app — so your pet will receive their food at the same time they would if you were right there with them.

Traveling is stressful enough without worrying about your pup or kitty’s well-being. By getting your pet the best care possible, you can at least get a handle on one stressor. Make this summer happy and easier for both you and your furry friend.

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